Is Midwifery An Accepted Profession?

Most of the millennial might not even have heard the word, but midwifery is an accepted profession. Midwives deal with pregnancy and childbirth, along with postpartum period including taking care of a newborn. Unknownst to most there are still courses in accepted colleges on midwifery. It is a health science related profession and not everyone can get in, either.

How did it come to be?

In the early days, when hospitals and doctors were not existing, or barely known, there was always a woman within the village or a habitat who took care of pregnant mothers, women’s health, newborns welfare, practices, complications and  breastfeeding dresses Australia and concerns in relation to that. with time even when practiced medical professionals came in to existence, the position of a “midwife” did not go obsolete, especially in rural areas. Women were more comfortable with a known female from the vicinity than an unknown person who had a stethoscope around their necks. It didn’t’ help that most of the doctors in the early ages were male, either.

Gender Issue

Even though predominantly most midwives are females, there are male midwives too. It just doesn’t seem right to think of a male as a person who can help with women’s health, pregnancy and so on, but it’s not entirely inconceivable either. However with time when the profession moulded in to suit the advancing lifestyles of people, there were regulations which came in to play and some sort of order was restored. Therefore, universities and colleges started offering courses on midwifery and anyone who was interested in a health related profession, and were especially keen on helping expecting mothers and newborn babies, could apply and take those courses. It does require travelling as a midwife has a certain area to cover and it’s their responsibility to visit every to-be mother and infant to look after their welfare.

Importance and advancement

It is no secret that somewhere during the 18th and 19th century, medical practitioners were against midwives; they saw the midwifery as application of traditional and ancient knowledge not according to science. However women were still more comfortable with the midwives than with doctors. After the bacteria were found, women started trusting the hospitals. Nevertheless the World Health Organization recommends a healthy, natural birth, mothers are finding it easier to have a doctor intervene and use a c section surgery to have a baby. But after that, when you are at home taking care of the newborn it is advisable to seek the help of a midwife as they have more hands-on knowledge on nursing clothes and food for mother and putting to sleep, feeding and washing the babies.

Midwifery is a totally acceptable profession and could be a very satisfying one given the nature of it. If you are also interested you can talk to any college offering the courses for more details.